UN World Day of Social Justice

World Day of Social Justice February 20th 

Please take a moment to read about why we observe this day at the UN: https://www.un.org/en/observances/social-justice-day
One of the areas I am passionate about is students with special needs and making sure they have access to as many opportunities as possible to help them grow and flourish.  Especially in the area of employment, there is so much to be learned about changes we can make and identify to make things easier and accessible.  Just an example, this is my second year to hire Resident Assistants with special needs.  Meet Kailyn and Evita (service animal).  Just researching different ways we could align responsibilities and access have added a wonderful depth to our team and she is doing such a fantastic job.  This opportunity gives Kailyn confidence and experience to take with her on future endeavors. 
There is a great organization in our area called Children's Special Needs Network.  http://www.special-children.org/about

Children’s Special Needs Network (CSNN) is a non-profit organization based in Belton, Texas that assists families and professionals in providing services for children in Central Texas who are diagnosed with physical or psychological special needs.

Since 1990, CSNN has provided a wide range of direct services and connects families with medical, educational, and social service resources in their communities—regardless of diagnosis, condition, age, income, or residence. It also serves as a conduit, advocating on behalf of children in need and calling on churches, health care providers, schools, and others to rally around some of the most in-need members of our Central Texas communities.

Observe World Day of Social Justice by donating diapers, Goodnites, and Pull-Ups from today until 2/20/21 to Julie Ruiz's home, 3111 Kensington Court, Temple.  There will be a bin on the front porch.  The second week of the month registered clients are allowed to receive a box of diapers, Goodnites, or Pull-Ups.

  • Diapers size 1-7
  • Pull-Ups 2T-3T, 3T-4T, 4T-5T
  • GoodNites S-M, M-L, L-XL

Also, spend time educating yourselves on any area regarding social justice that you are passionate about!

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Slate of Officers

Thank you Nominating Committee for presenting our 2021-2022 Slate of Officers

We will vote at the next business meeting in March.
Club Board:
Immediate Past President: Traci Squarcette
President: Michelle DiGaetano
President-Elect: Tara Stafford
Vice-President: Brenda Hill
Recording Secretary: Jennifer Adams
Corresponding Secretary: Sharon Schmidt
Treasurer: Donna Wright
Director 2020-2022: Julie Ruiz
Director 2020-2022: Gracie Conner
Director 2021-2023: Lori Luppino
Director 2021-2023: Cindy Black
Foundation Board:
Immediate Past President: Kelli Alsup
President: Debra Hicks
Club Immediate Past President: Traci Squarcette
Club President-Elect: Tara Stafford
Director: Susan Cory
Director: Sylvia Winkler
Director: Taryn Cox
Director: Carol Fleck
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2021 Virtual District Nine Conference

2021 District Nine Conference is going Virtual

We invite all members to engage in this years' District Nine Conference.  Nothing can replace the fun and fellowship of a face-to-face experience but, this is a great opportunity to see what is happening within the district especially if you have not attended a conference before.  Mark your calendars for April 16th 6pm-8pm and April 17th 9am-11:30am.  More information to follow.  Also, April 30th there will be a virtual Installation of Officers where our own Mary Black Pearson will be installed as Governor for the 2021-2023 biennium and they will share awards for Carol White's year.
Delegates are required to attend all sessions:
Tara Stafford
Michelle DiGaetano
Brenda Hill
Donna Wright
Julie Ruiz
Traci Squarcette
Susan Cory
Hope LaGrone
Jennifer Adams
Sylvia Winkler
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Love Your Neighbor

Thank you for Loving Your Neighbors!!

Fleece tie blankets for 411 House - 50 blankets delivered!!

The 411 House tie blanket project is now complete! The blankets were delivered to the 411 House today. Kim White the executive director met us at the house and was accompanied by 3 young men who benefit from the 411 House.  They were excited to receive their very own blanket tonight! And what better timing with this very cold weather we are experiencing right now! 
I have heard from several of you telling me how much you enjoyed this project, Kim was extremely thankful and amazed with the blankets!             
Kim shared their plan is that the blankets will be included in a Valentine gift bag to be delivered to the remaining 47 young members this weekend. 
One bit of business to take care of, please send me your hours/time that you had in making your blankets, this is needed for the impact report. Thank you each one for your participation in this very worthwhile project! Because of YOU this project was a huge success!! Thank you!  Michelle DiGaetano

Recycle with a Purpose  - Contact Angela Cases to report weight of items and deposit at a recycling location near you.


East Neighborhood Food Pantry Challenge - Each neighborhood team is encouraged to collect times for their respective food pantry.

North - Operation Feeding Temple
South - Helping Hands
East - Temple College Food Bank
West - UMHB Food Bank - The Source
Note: Unsure of which neighborhood you are in?  https://altrusatemple.org/sitepage/be-my-neighbor
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Scholarships 2021

Altrusa International of Temple is now accepting 2021 Scholarship Applications and you can now apply online!  The deadline for submission is March 19, 2021 at 10:00pm.
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Meeting Location

ZOOMING through February

The Board voted this month to continue to meet via ZOOM for the month of February.  We are making every effort to keep our members safe during this spike in COVID cases.  Please join us next Tuesday at noon.  We have business to vote on and will be selecting Delegates for the Virtual District Nine Conference in April.
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 861 9767 3747
Passcode: 630314
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