Posted by Sarah Davison

Altrusa International of Temple, TX, has a goal to donate 10,000 books over the next two years (starting August 1, 2021) in support of the International Project, Change One Million Lives, One Book at a Time.

Here is what you need to know so that our club may track our progress:

  • The project includes physical books and audio books, not pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, brochures, etc.

  • Our club will be tracking:

    • the number of books donated and,

    • the number of “literacy hours” associated with those books.

      • Literacy hours include time spent collecting, preparing and delivering those books in addition to any time books are read to others. For example, shopping for books, inserting Altrusa Book Plates, delivering the books and then sitting to read the books to children.

  • There will be two categories to track:

    • Individual efforts: Books and literacy hours NOT related to an approved club service project. For example: Taking a collection of personal books to a nursing home.

      • The number of books and the number of literacy hours should be reported directly to Sarah Davison (

      • Additionally, the number of literacy hours should be reported on the attendance sheet under “community hours” at our regular meetings. It is important that this be done by you, the individual, so that the club is properly accounting for all service hours for this year for the annual report of service hours related to all Altrusans’ service. Sarah will not record this information on your behalf.

    • Club approved service projects: Books and literacy hours related to an approved club service project should be reported directly to Sarah Davison ( by the Project Coordinator. Please list the name and date of the project, the number of books and the number of literacy hours. The Project Coordinator will still be responsible for reporting all the details of the approved service project in the usual manner utilizing the Project Impact Report form and should account for the number of books and literacy hours.

  • Other notes about the project:

    • Please do not text Sarah your reports; she doesn’t want to lose track of those details as they may get “buried” in other texts.

    • While it isn’t our intention to collect and have a stash of books awaiting a “home,” Susie Dawson ( has agreed to store books for which members have no plan for distribution. She will happily place them in the hands of Project Coordinators that will then report to Sarah as noted above.

      • If you do give books to Susie, PLEASE REPORT YOUR LITERACY HOURS TO SARAH AND ON AS COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS ON THE ATTENDANCE SHEET AT OUR REGULAR MEETINGS. Again, the number of books and any additional literacy hours as they relate to club approved projects will be reported by Project Coordinators. 

    • Club book plates: Ideally, our club book plate will be adhered to all books donated. Printed book plates will be available at all club meetings, from Sarah and Susie, and on the club’s website as a download so that you may print them yourself (preferred) using Avery Stickers #8163.

    • Updates to the tracking poster will include data reported to Sarah by 5pm the day prior to the meeting.