Life has changed for many of us during the COVID 19.  Some of our Sister Altrusans share how their lives have changed and it is apparent  they are rocking it as employees, teachers, moms and always Altrusans 
    Sheryl Austin          
It has definitely been an adjustment working from home and teaching a 3 yr and 6 yr old! I try to include fun and creative learning experiences. We have gone on MANY nature walks, made slime, and played in shaving cream with food coloring.  We learn math through card games, shapes with hopscotch, and letters through bingo. We are also using this time to teach them life skills.
Jennifer Adams
We have gotten into a routine for home schooling.  Getting the kids up early so they can get started has been a life saver.  They have each used Zoom with their class rooms and have enjoyed seeing their teachers and friends.  We have 2 laptops and an iPad so each kiddo can focus.  They are working with  Google classroom.  My 14 year old Kayla is pretty self sufficient.  My boys Wynn 9 and Karson 6 require a little more attention.  Fortunately they have been able to get through the school work pretty quickly so that we can move to fun stuff like reading and games.  We have enjoyed playing cards and board games with them.  
The key for us has been to establish a routine.