We will vote for three members to be on the Nominating Committee at the business meeting next week.

As a reminder, our Club Bylaws state:
17.  Each year, during the January business meeting, the nominating committee will be created in order to propose a slate of officers for the upcoming year.  Three members will serve on the committee.   To serve as a member of the nominating committee, you must have served on the Club Board for a minimum of two years.  As a member of the nominating committee, you are not allowed to be included in the proposed slate of officers.  Nominations for committee members will come from the floor; the three members with the most votes will serve on the committee and the one with the most will serve as chair.
Read More to see a list of members who have served on the Club Board for a minimum of two years.  (I sincerely apologize if I left someone's name off the list.  Please correct me.)  As a courtesy, please ask the person in advance if they would be willing to serve on the committee if you were to nominate them.
Alsup, Kelli
Callin, Kay
Childress, Donna
Cory, Susan
Cox, Taryn
*DiGaetano, Michelle
Fleck, Carol
Folley, Kathy
Hicks, Debra
Hill, Brenda
Janes, Janna
LaGrone, Hope
Luedke, Beverly
Mabry, Debbie
Miller, Ilene
Moore, Linda
Pearcy, Barb
Pearson, Mary Black
Phinney, Regina
Richey, Robbie
*Squarcette, Traci
Stafford, Tara
Tolbert, Chris
Tolbert, Ginger
Tyroch, Melissa
Walzel, Sharon
White, Carol
Winkler, Sylvia
Woodard, Sherry
Woytek, Sherri
*Automatic positions on incoming 2021-2022 board of directors.