Enjoy getting to know our new Altrusans "One Note at a Time"


Debbie Mead

What is your favorite decade of music?
My favorite decade of music is the late 90s—so many memories of us singing along with the radio while driving my daughters to their high school activities. We still sing when we’re together in the car!
Do you have a teacher or mentor that stands out in your life?
My Dad retired from the Air Force the summer before my junior year in high school, a difficult year for anyone to start over in a new school. We moved to Arlington, Texas, and I joined the newspaper staff that fall. The journalism advisor, Mrs. Forehand, helped me find my place. Her husband coached football, and everyone of course called him Coach, so she was known as Teach. She was my favorite mentor—her support and inspiration led me to major in Public Relations Journalism at UT Austin.
Share your passion for joining Altrusa.
A legacy Altrusan, I am excited to follow in my Mother’s footsteps, participating in projects and serving our community.

Lauren Proctor

Favorite childhood book?
Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell
Who has been the most influential person in your life?
My Grandma Dolores was a tall beautiful Cajun woman, she loved people well, was an amazing cook and knew how to make everyone she came in contact with feel special. She was the epitome of a Southern lady. In fact, she and I wrote letters to each other every week from the time I was in elementary school, until she passed ten years ago. She taught me that food is a way to show love and that’s what inspires me in our artisanal pickle business.
Share your passion for joining Altrusa.
Kindness creates change and I see Altrusans  doing just that!