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  • Business meeting​ - I have the budget and packet on the home page of the Altrusa website.  You do not need to log into it. It's right there to open and print for the meeting.  It's at the bottom of this newsletter too.
  • Mid-year survey - We had a 1/3 respond to the survey.  Thank you.  There were some good comments, some great comments and some that were not so great.  
    1. YES we DO need MORE projects to work on.  We have 4 months to spend the money.  Bring the BOD some literacy and service based projects.  We have about $6000 to spend, depending on if the current projects get completed and reimbursements submitted. 
    2. The Newsletter is only good if it gets opened.  We are getting about 50% who open it.
    3. Someone said they were not receiving it.  Please let me know if someone tells you they are not receiving it so we can investigate why. The membership profile is where the emails come from so have everyone look at their profiles.
    4. ClubRunner is our only tool we have to disseminate information to "All Members".  
    5. I removed the calendar from the Newsletter.  Please go to Altrusa's home webpage for the calendar. Please remember to put your events on the calendar if you want everyone to see it.  If you need help contact Chip Howell.
    6. I removed the greeters and accent list also.  Contact Membership Chair Tara Stafford for updates.
  • We will have the Nominating Committee selection and vote on Tuesday the 12th.
  • ​You should be a member for about 1 year.
  • Nominations will come from the floor.  
  • The Altrusa home page on the website has the Nominating Committee position description.
  • We will pick 3-5, depending on the number of nominees presented and the person with the top vote will be the chair.
  • Membership Fee - A great incentive for prospective members is that our International and District dues are half price. The price to join December 1st through March 31st is $126 and they do renew June 1st 2016 at $160.  Come April and May it is $160, however, you do not renew until the following June 1st 2017, getting a 14 month year.