Altrusa Temple
Susan's House
13606 Moss Rose Trail
Belton, TX
United States of America

Temple Altrusans & guests are invited to this "come and go" prep session to make the components for Days for Girls Kits. These kits allow girls in remote areas to have the dignity of being able to mtheir menstrual cycles with sustainable kits, allowing them to attend school and become literate and contributors to the economy in their communities. Without having access to these kits, girls are shunned and not allowed to attend school during their periods.

All are welcome as there are a variety of tasks from cutting, pinning, washing fabric to sewing and assembling the components.

There will be wine & snacks. Come cheer us on!

If you have any questions, call Marlene King (361-739-4356) or Susan Cory (254-780-5400)