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News from District Nine Governor - Mary Black Pearson

With sadness I must share that we lost several outstanding Altrusans in District Nine in July.
Peggy Sturrock — Altrusan from Abilene and Past District Nine Governor.
Peggy told many a story and mentored Altrusans at every stage of their service within the organization and to their community.   She exemplified the mission of the organization in every facet of her life. Married for over 60 years to her husband Jimmie.  She shared a life devoted to leading others to serve in their greatest potential.
Christina R. Frias — Charter Member Altrusan of Southwest Dallas Co. club.
Christina shared her vision of service to her community with others including her daughter Laura. We were fortunate to have her giving spirit within our family of Altrusans when it came time to 
start up the Southwest Dallas County Club.   She served, she lead and she gave of her time and talents to help make that club an exemplary club within District  Nine. 
Susan Todd Duecy — Altrusan from The Brazos club. Susan served and trained many community leaders and Altrusans in the art of writing grant applications.  Years of personal experience and training were shared to assist others.   She gave of her talents and time to further the projects of her club . 
Join with the District Nine board to reach out to the Altrusans and loved ones of these outstanding women to share condolences.
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Community Awareness

We are beginning to work on projects to increase our communities awareness and knowledge about Altrusa. We want our family to grow from all ages! Please send us a small video about why YOU joined Altrusa. We would like to post this on our public page for others to see and tag and hopefully be inspired to join. Whether the inspiration comes from the camaraderie of the group or because of one another’s desire to volunteer, we want Altrusa’s name to be known!
Send the video to Ami Hooper at

Such a blessing to meet our scholarship recipients on Tuesday!


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