The Board approved nine new projects to be brought to the Membership tomorrow.  Several of them we've done before, however, there are a few new ones to consider.  One is the Harvey Evacuee Project School Support I told you about last week.  However, I have been notified of several additional places that is in desperate need of assistance.  Maria Kaesberg with the Kids 2 Kids Missionary (K2K) has informed us that the mission building in Rockport has extensive damage and is in need of donations and items to rebuild.
Another organization that is in need of a great deal of help is the Perpetual Help Home in Victoria.  Sandi Wicker's daughter has struggled with addiction in the past and the family felt there was no help available that could get through to her and really get her on the right path, until they found Perpetual Help Home.  They not only counsel for the addiction they assist the ladies in writing a business plan for a business they want to start.  They stay in touch and continue to counsel these ladies over the long haul of beating the addiction and starting a new life with possibly a new business.  Sandi's daughter is testimony on the success of Perpetual Help Home, she has recently purchased her first home and has a thriving business in the Waco area. 
Sandi is very passionate about this Home as Maria is about K2K and would like us to help in any way possible.  Project submittals have not been done on these as of yet, but I anticipate they will be submitted next month.