My dear friends, I only had three Altrusans accept my ClubRunner Challenge from the last bulletin.  I would like all Altrusans to feel comfortable getting the basic information into and out of ClubRunner, so we're going to take a few baby steps to get everyone logged in and maneuvering around in this software.
Please log into ClubRunner at  Once you get to the main public page, send me a text or email and comment one thing you like about the page. (254-718-2870 or
Then go ahead and log into the Member Area and send me a note of what you see when you are logged in.  Of course, also let me know if you can't log on.  So to complete this challenge, you will send me a note with two comments, what you like about the first Public Site page and what you see when you log into the Member Area.
I hope to see lots of comments and not many "I forgot my password" messages.  But that's okay, we'll reset your password and get you going right away!
Now, who's going to accept my Challenge?  Next Bulletin, there will be a new Challenge, so let's get started.