Altrusan of the Year! 
Congratulations to Patsy Sulak our Altrusan of the Year 2022!!
Picture left to right; Gabe Waxman - son, Altrusan of the Year Patsy, Dr. Jeff Waxman -husband! 
15 Salado High School ASTRA students received their Cords during a Cording ceremony on May 1st. Thank you Audrei and Roger Glick for hosting this very special ceremony! A special thank you to the entire ASTRA committee for working hard all year long with all the ASTRA clubs! Because of you they are a success! 
May 15th Belton High School ASTRA will receive their cords. During a cording ceremony, host is Pam Abernathy! Thank you!
May 23rd at 1:45 pm Lake Belton High School ASTRA will receive their Charter status and certificates! This is huge! Another huge thank you to Kay Callin and Susan Cory and again the entire ASTRA committee for working so hard on this and making this happen! 
News from Altrusans Debbie Fendrick and Debbie Mabry:
Lone Star Circle of Life a group of cyclists who ride across Texas to bring awareness for the need of stem cell, marrow, blood and organ donation. Debbie Mabry (tour coordinator), and Debbie Fendrick (pace car driver) invite you to attend the finale event at Lake Belton High School, Fri, May 13th, at 1:15pm. Park and enter on the far-right side of the school. Kay Callin and the ASTRA club will help host the event, and Sherry Woodard will be honored as a continual blood donor.  Thank you Debbie and Debbie for making a huge impact with Lone Star Circle of Life!!