Luci Lights to Lucente Legacy
As the Altrusa year draws to a close, the Altrusa Foundation would like to make one last  push for those of you throughout District Nine to donate to its very cause.  For those of you who typically donate to the White Envelope Campaign at District Nine Conference, I would really encourage you to continue your tradition and contribute directly to the Altrusa Foundation.  Because of the pandemic, everyone’s routine of donating has been turned upside down and unfortunately, giving has suffered tremendously.  The sad thing is, that without our contributions, all Foundation program will suffer tremendously including Club 21 Grants (including the ones we have received for Camp Dreamcatcher) as well the Program Grants such as the ones we have received for the homeless and Days for Girls.   Please consider giving and there are several ways of doing so:
  1.  Donate directly to the Altrusa Foundation by going to the website,, log in, click on the Sites tab and scroll to Foundation.  You may pay by PayPal, Credit or Debt Card and please provide where you would like the money to go: Grant Program, Disaster Relief or Endowment.  You may also send a check to Altrusa International Foundation, 1 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 1955, Chicago, Il 60602.   This year, 100% of our members con-tributed to the Club 21 program but if you would like to contribute more, please do so.
  2.  You can write a check to the Altrusa Foundation and send it to me at 13662 Dandelion Trail, Belton, Texas 76513.  Several members have already done so, so I will be sending all of the checks I receive to the Altrusa office on May 1st.  
Luci Lights are also available for purchase with all proceeds going to the Disaster Relief Fund.  These are inflatable solar lights that come with ($35 each) and without ($20 each) USB ports.  They must be bought in increments of 12, so as a club, if you would like one, please let me know and if we get enough to order we can do so.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 254-721-1806 or email me at
In the Altrusa Spirit,
Beverly Luedke,
Altrusa District Nine Foundation Liaison, 2019-21