5th Tuesday Social at Lynda Schumann's Farm

Thank you Lynda for a wonderful time!  It was great to be outside and see so many faces we haven't seen in a while.  You all are loved so much!!
Anne Jolles created Grace Trail in 2012 to help cope with her personal challenges and struggle of having a son in combat in Afghanistan. Since then, Grace Trail has guided tens of thousands of people, worldwide, to join a simple conversation of hope and possibility.
Plymouth, MA is the site of the original Trail but it is not the only one. We now have Three Grace Trails here at Green Trees Farm!  1/4 mile, 1/2 mile and  1.1 miles, each with a map and 5 stations where a question is asked of those walking the trail.  You will be given a map, a small journal, and a pencil.  You have the option of walking a trail solo or in small groups.
What is Grace Trail?  Grace Trail is a simple process that begins with gratitude and ends with hope.
You can walk it or just talk it anywhere, anytime, just by asking the 5 Grace Trail questions.    The 5 Grace Trail Words and Questions:
Gratitude: What am I Grateful for?
Release: What do I need to Release?
Accept: What is calling out for Acceptance?
Challenge: What is my next Challenge?
Embrace: What can I Embrace as possible?
"Find your footing and move toward the life you were meant to live!"