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Jul 25, 2017
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What is Altrusa?

Founded in 1917, Altrusa International, Inc. is a world-wide organization of executives and professional leaders who are dedicated to improving their communities through personal service.  Altrusa was started as a women's organization but today is open to everyone.  Through more than 390 clubs and approximately 10,000 members, Altrusans pool their resources and talents to achieve what individuals alone cannot.  Altrusans believe that people working together can make a difference...and are willing to prove it! 

Altrusa International of Temple, Texas, Inc. seeks women and men of like mind to become Altrusans to develop ideas and to lead the community with projects that make an impact on the quality of life for everyone.  Lives are changed with the combined talents and skills of Altrusans everyday.


2nd and 4th Tuesdays at Noon
Country Lane Seniors Community
2916 Country Lane Drive
Temple, TX  76504
United States
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Current Stories
The news I heard from Convention is that Temple was well represented, as we usually are.  Everyone had an awesome time sightseeing, catching up with friends from other areas, meeting new friends, and learning something new about Altrusa.  The International Convention Opening Ceremony began with the presentation of the flags of all nations with Altrusa Clubs.  Our Temple Altrusa banner was present as well as our 3 ASTRA banners for all to see.
Temple was named as one of the Distinguished Clubs for 2015~16 as well as 2016~17!  We will keep the momentum going and remain a Distinguished Club in the future as well!  Can you tell that our delegation was excited and proud.  I sure am proud to be a part of this group;-)
If you are a committee chair, project sponsor or have stepped up to help with an event, please make sure your event is listed on the Altrusa Calendar on ClubRunner.  If you don't know how to add an event, please let me know and I'll help you get it added.  Kelly Nix can help get all the events that are posted to ClubRunner to automatically be added to your phone calendar!  What an awesome tool.  Everything we have going on can be on your calendar without you doing anything!!  (After you get it set up!)  Kelly had copies of the instructions at the last Business meeting and can have copies available for the next Program meeting as well.  Thanks Kelly for helping us stay up to date on all our commitments;-)
Our Temple Club has a number of Altrusans that will be attending the Annual Convention in Nashville this next week.  Please add each of them, their spouses, and all other Altrusans traveling to your prayer list for safe travels to and from Tenn.  We want all to get to Nashville safely, have a terrific time at convention and in the city, learn lots of new stuff to teach us, see friends, make new friends, and return to Central Texas safe and happy!
Kelly Nix, Communications Chair and Debbie Gorden, Membership Chair are working together to put more information out on our private Facebook page.  This is an awesome way to communicate with our members. Altrusans will probably read this FB page before they read newsletters, or any other type of communications.  We have purged the Altrusans that have not renewed for this new fiscal year so this is truly a members only page. If you like what these ladies are doing, please let them know.  Also, if you have any recommendations, please let them know.  We want this to be beneficial for all members.
We had a wonderful, productive Business Meeting last Tuesday.  There were 57 Altrusans and 3 guests in attendance!  There were several Altrusans that haven't made a meeting in a while and it was so good to see them again;-)  Excellent turnout, Thank You for making the meeting a priority in your day.  
We initiated Jody Paulk, Judy Morgan's daughter, and are thrilled she has joined us.
We approved three new projects: Sweet Dreams of Success for Families in Crisis; Bingo for Belton Senior Activity Center; and School Supplies for Raye Allen Elementary in Temple and Southwest Elementary in Belton ISD.   
Our Program Meeting on the 25th will be presented by Jessica Cardenas on American Cancer Society.  Hope to see everyone there.
The precious Camp Dreamcatcher campers, the lively counselors and the sleep deprived sponsors made it back to Temple in one happy piece!  We are so grateful for the safety, smiles, and memories made at this year's camp.  Those involved will take a few weeks to rest up then the planning and work will begin for yet another fun week in the summer of 2018!  One more awesome camp in the book;-)
Our heartfelt condolences to Chris and Donnie Tolbert in the loss of her mother, Mary Collier.  Ms Collier died last Thursday after a long illness.  It can sometimes be looked at as a blessing when you are watching someone you love deal with an illness, but it's never easy to lose a mother or father.  The service was touching and she looked beautiful in her pink outfit.  Love you Chris.
I am looking for someone that will step up and help with the creation of our annual yearbook.  If you are interested, please let me or Kelly Nix know and we'll fill you in on the requirements.  Thank you
Altrusa Intl of Temple has had quite a busy few weeks!  Started off with a work session for To The Moon and Back on Monday evening.  Fifteen Altrusans worked for a total of 34.5 service hours sewing, stuffing, and packaging items to be delivered to Scott & White NICU.  What an heartwarming project.  Thank you to Kelly Nix, Donna Wright, and Debbie Gorden for organizing these work sessions for us!  We then came together for Camp Dreamcatcher registration and send off.  Then ended the week with welcoming happy, tired campers and counselors back to Temple!  Just think of the lives we've touched doing what we do best ~ serving others.
Well, I've got the first Board meeting and the first Club meeting behind me, whew! I been told the nerves will settle down soon.  I'm not sure if it's nerves or true excitement!  Nerves can settle down, but I don't want the excitement of this year to ever settle down. We've got so many projects to do, so many members to engage, such an amazing community to help, and we do it with skill, determination, knowledge, and most of all ~ fun!
If you have a project idea, please submit it on the Project Proposal form to Julie Ruiz, Service Committee Chair by Friday, June 30. This will give the committee time to review and submit to me for inclusion on the Board meeting agenda. Remember, the project can be scheduled for Fall, Winter or next Spring, if you have an idea submit it soon to secure the necessary funds to support it.
Four new Altrusans were initiated at our Business meeting on June 13th. We welcome Ami Hooper, sponsored by Dorothy Granfor and Barb Sorge; Audrei Glick, sponsored by Julie Ruiz and Mary Beth Kauk; Gabrielle Parkey, sponsored by Sylvia Winkler and Cyndi Woytek; and Ande Scott, sponsored by Traci Squarcette and Julie Ruiz.  Ms. Scott is a UMBH graduate and former ASTRA member.  We're so happy to have each of you join us and become Altrusans!
Debbie Fendrick announced that Camp Dreamcatcher was a recipient of a $2,500 grant from Altrusa International Foundation.  Isn't it wonderful that we donate to our International Foundation then see it come back to us for such an awesome project as Camp Dreamcather.  Thank you, International Foundation!
It was announced at the June Business meeting that Country Lane will be renovating our meeting room during the second week of July. Taryn Warren was gracious to offer Wildflower CC for us to meet, Thank You.  After our meeting I toured the resident's dining room, it actually holds more guests than our meeting room, so it has been decided not to move the location of the meeting.  Not sure where the residents will eat...
Stacie Bratton sends out an email prior to our two meetings per month to get a head count for lunch.  Our caterer requires a minimum of 35 meals at each meeting.  Lately we have not been meeting this minimum number, so our meetings are costing the Club money. For example, June 13 meeting cost us $108!  This is not a budgeted item.  The Board will be discussing this issue at our July 6th meeting.  We want to encourage more Altrusans to eat the meal provided or we may have to charge the non-eaters a facility fee per meeting.  The caterer is willing to work with us on meals we would prefer but cannot offer two different entrees.  Please text or email me your ideas.
Eight new projects were approved at the Business meeting.  A literacy project for Camp Dreamcatchers, Born to Read for babies born on Literacy Day, Helping Hands Snack Sacks breakfast for children during Spring Break, Kids Against Hunger packing meals for disaster areas, Project Appletree hygiene kits for children to start school, RWYC Sponsorship for field trips, Temple College Art Competition award money for High School competitors, and Altrusa International Foundation for Club 21 and Lamplighter.  Please watch the calendar for these upcoming projects.
ClubRunner is the software our Club uses to communicate with each other.   Through this software, you will receive emails about our meetings, projects, and events. Each Altrusan should log into ClubRunner and become familiar with how it works, how to retrieve documents, and how to post events.  Our annual directory will be printed from the information that is in ClubRunner for each member so please verify that your information is up to date and you have added a photo you want printed in the directory.  If you need help, please let Kelly Nix, Communications Coordinator know.  
I will be emailing an agenda for each Business and Program meeting prior to the meetings along with backup documentation.  If you would like to have a copy of these documents at the meetings for reference, please print them out or feel free to pull up the email on your phone or tablet. 
Check out the calendar for upcoming events that you don't want to miss.  June 20 To the Moon and Back will have a workday starting at 5:30 at Wildflower Country Club. Come and help for as long as you can.
Don't forget we have a Member Social scheduled for Monday, June 26 at 5:00 at 3 West Ale on Airport Road (FM 2305).
The Program Meeting, June 27, we will learn about the Children's Museum from Katherine Hermans.
Our heartfelt condolences to Patsy Sulak and Jeff Waxman in the sudden death of Patsy's 94 year old father.  Mr. Albert Sulak was a WWII veteran, a loved father, brother, grandfather to 16 children and great grandfather to 22. He was also respected by many in his community and church. 
Well, your Board of Directors had a very productive first meeting of this new Altrusa year. We approved three new members, Jodi Paulk, Ande Scott and Gabrielle Parkey, these ladies plus Ami Hooper and Audrei Polo Glick will be initiated at our Business meeting, June 13th.  
We also approved 8 new projects: Literacy project for Camp Dreamcatcher $200 and 20 volunteer hours; Ralph Wilson Sponsorship $750 and 100 volunteer hours; Helping Hands Snack Sacks $1,000 and 100 volunteer hours; Kids Against Hunger $3,200 and 120 volunteer hours; Born to Read $50 and 10 volunteer hours; Altrusa International Foundation $710 with no volunteer hours; Temple College Art Competition $1,000 with no volunteer hours; and Project Appletree $2,500 with 120 volunteer hours.
We also reviewed and approved the annual Administrative Budget.
All the above mentioned documents can be found on ClubRunner, Member Section, Organization, Documents, 2017-18. The membership will be voting on these projects and the budget at the Business meeting on Tuesday, so please be in attendance so we will have a quorum present.
In a short 2 weeks we will be busy registering the precious children that are going to Camp Dreamcatcher for 2017!  Altrusan volunteers please be at Scott & White ready to get to work by 7:30 am on Sunday, June 25.  Please wear your blue ALTRUSA shirt, your teal BELIEVE shirt, or the new lime green CATCH THE DREAM shirt that was made for District Nine conference.
There will be many jobs to be done during registration, from welcoming the children and families, to loading their luggage onto the buses, to passing out tons of snacks, to helping them sign Thank You cards. 
For our newest members, Camp Dreamcatcher is a week long camp for children with blood disorders that are currently being treated at McLane"s Children's hospital.  These children, surrounded by others just like them, have activities scheduled all week to help make them feel normal, feel safe, and feel special.
Welcome to a New Year for Altrusa Intl of Temple!
I'm so excited and pumped for this year and it's starting off with a BANG!  The President's Retreat was awesome. Twenty Altrusans came together for an informative, two way communication about everything Altrusa ~ the Budget, the re-creation of the Service Committee, the Calendar, Projects, Club 21, and Membership.  For those that couldn't make it to the Retreat, the power point presentation and the proposed Budget are on Club Runner for your review.  And we already have two, possibly three, new members to initiate at our June Business meeting.  Please try and make the meetings as we've had one during Spring Break where we didn't have a quorum so we couldn't vote on anything.  I know it's summer but we have some important business to take care of including projects that are coming up real soon that needs our membership approval.
Convention is coming up on us very quickly.  If you are planning to attend, please touch base with Debbie Fendrick. She is coordinating who is going, who's staying with whom, how many rooms we need, etc.  It's going to be the absolute best of all conventions!  I'm sure Temple will be represented very well.  Thank you to those that are attending our Convention marking 100 Years of Service!
Taste of the Holidays Kick-Off was a Huge Success!
Traci Squarcette, Chair and Kelli Alsup, Co-Chair presented a full evening of information, including TOH history, committee responsibilities, and a peek into the awesome theme and Altrusa apparel.  In addition to raising money for next year's projects and scholarships, this TOH will actually be a service project in itself.  Be thinking of which TOH committee you would like to serve on as we need 100% participation in this incredible event.  Stay tuned for more  details as this promises to be a fun and wild ride!    
The Service Committee, Chaired by Julie Ruiz, is in the early planning stages and will meet Sunday, June 4 at Julie's home from 4:00 to 6:00.  Please consider attending this meeting if you are relatively new and want assistance in preparing and submitting a new project, or if you are a pro and would like to help others understand the project process.
Project  proposal forms will still be submitted to our Vice President, Carol White, prior to the monthly Board meeting (first Tuesday of each month).  But now, the document should be sent to Julie as well.  We will be deciding on a deadline for project proposals in order to be included on the agenda for the Board meetings.
If you currently have a project idea you would like considered at our June Board meeting, please email to both Carol and Julie prior to Sunday's meeting (or bring with you to the meeting).
Please make sure you get your renewal dues to Kelli by Tuesday at our Business meeting. She will receive your dues and pay your International and District dues.  The deadline for International dues is June 15th, after that date there is a $10 late fee imposed by International.
We welcome the latest family member to grace the home and hearts of David and Anna Tranum-Kessler!  James Harry Kessler was born May 19 at 5:47 am weighing 7 lb 7 oz and 18.5" in length.  He was welcomed by his parents, an older brother, sister and large, loving extended family and friends.  Truly a blessing from above.heart
I want to take a minute to thank so many Altrusans that have stepped up to be a part of this year's Board or Committee assignments.  I have an absolute awesome, excited, vivacious Board this year.  Not to discredit my Committee Chairs by any means, Debbie Gorden, Membership Chair; Kelly Nix, Communications Chair; Julie Ruiz, Service Chair; Kelli Alsup, Finance Chair; and Traci Squarcette, ASTRA Chair.  These ladies have been working behind the scenes to get this year up and organized.  Please decide which of these committees you would like to serve on, as everyone needs to be a participating member of Altrusa.  That's what we're here for, right?  Get involved and make it happen! 
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NEWS: Full Details on News Room page
Celebrating a Centenary of Service

President Silvia has appointed a Centenary Committee who have been charged with coordinating Altrusa’s 100th Birthday celebrations. 11th April 2017 is a special day and we are hoping that clubs and districts will look at ways that Altrusans around the world can celebrate this achievement. Each district has a representative on the committee which is chaired by President Elect Leanne Milligan.
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